There are five compelling reasons to watch Bigg Boss

It's back with a vengeance! The most anticipated show of the year, Bigg Boss, is about to begin with a subtly different structure and a whole new group of contestants. What will click, what will not, who will irritate you, and who will become Salman's darling this season remains to be seen, but there are a few things for which you can tune in. Read about Bigg Boss 15 Mx Player.

Here are the top five reasons why Bigg Boss 10 should not be missed:

1. Salman Khan: Salman Khan is the undeniable and unavoidable factor that pulls the bulk of TRPs over the weekend. The actor screams at the contestants, grills them, and mocks himself almost as much as they do. Salman is one adorable excuse you shouldn't miss the show because he makes sure to keep you amused with his shenanigans every season.

2. Celebrity and non-celebrity contestants: Formerly, there were only one or two non-celebrity contestants in the whole pool of 13, but the number would increase this season. This means there will be more drama, diversity, and controversy. It'll be fun to see how the celebrities respond to seeing commoners live with them in the same house.

3. Hotness Quotient: With a love triangle brewing under the roof for three months, the house has seen Karishma-Upen and Kushal-Gauhar come out into the open. Sana Saeed and Parth Samthan, who are already youth heartthrobs, are expected to spark romance in the home.

4. Rahul Raj Singh: Rahul Raj Singh, the ex-Bigg Boss contestant and deceased actress Pratyusha Banerjee's boyfriend, may be one of the show's contestants. His arrival could signal some new information about the investigation, which has been open since he was accused of leading the actress to commit suicide.

5. Controversies: Whether it's about the celebrities or the host, the show is a hot topic on social media. And, no matter what, there will undoubtedly be some scandals in the house every week, and we can't wait to get our fix.

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